Photo 12 Sep 5 notes Well said.

Well said.

Photo 9 Sep 3 notes Illegal aliens.

Illegal aliens.

Photo 9 Sep Nailed it.

Nailed it.

Photo 8 Sep 2 notes Ouch.


Photo 3 Sep 3 notes Not just Halo. Any game.

Not just Halo. Any game.

Photo 3 Sep 22 notes Apple’s new logo.

Apple’s new logo.

Photo 2 Sep 11 notes Accurate.


Photo 1 Sep 28 notes Lost it.

Lost it.

Photo 1 Sep 4 notes Only 998 likes. Unrucky.

Only 998 likes. Unrucky.

Photo 1 Sep 2 notes No way to live.

No way to live.

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